• Question: What made you like the science? Were you sure to want to make this job later?

    Asked by Doriane.Bohly to Ceri, Marikka, Matt, Rob, Sally on 10 Nov 2014. This question was also asked by 492anta36.
    • Photo: Ceri Dare

      Ceri Dare answered on 10 Nov 2014:

      There were lots of jobs I wanted to do when I was younger, like be a firefighter or an Antarctic explorer (one of my friends is a scientist in the Antarctic now, I am very jealous).

      I became interested in Public Health because I wanted to make society better for everyone. Public Health is about how to keep everyone well so they don’t get ill in the first place, which means looking at very small things like bacteria, and very big things like Government policy.

    • Photo: Marikka Beecroft

      Marikka Beecroft answered on 10 Nov 2014:

      I just loved science at school and I was so dead set on becoming a doctor and to be honest they’re both very drastically different career paths! I didn’t really know I wanted to do microbiology until I was at college and I didn’t realise I wanted to be a scientist until I finished my degree!

    • Photo: Robert Hampson

      Robert Hampson answered on 10 Nov 2014:

      I don’t know if I will continue in Science for the rest of my career. It depends on where life takes me. I know I enjoy Science which is why I have continued doing it until now. I like knowing new things and discovering things, and the general creativity of science!

    • Photo: Sally Cutler

      Sally Cutler answered on 10 Nov 2014:

      Hi Dorlane,
      I just loved understanding how things worked within the biology field. I know science is what I wanted, but did not really discover microbiology until reaching University. Adored this and just want to continue in this area. Nothing else came even close.