• Question: How can I prevent antibiotic-resistant infections?

    Asked by Illuminati_Overlord to Sally, Rob, Matt, Marikka on 18 Nov 2014.
    • Photo: Robert Hampson

      Robert Hampson answered on 18 Nov 2014:

      Don’t take antibiotics unless you are really ill and you are prescribed them by a doctor.
      If you are prescribed a course of antibiotics, finish the course. Take all the pills! Stopping short can sometimes cause a reemergence of a now resistant infection.
      Don’t eat meat that is farmed using antibiotics
      Invent new drugs

      I can’t think of more

    • Photo: Sally Cutler

      Sally Cutler answered on 18 Nov 2014:

      You can avoid for selection of resistant organisms by being careful not to use antibiotics when not needed and if you do need use them, finish the course. Afraid there are many resistant microbes surrounding us now, so it could still be possible to get an infection with one even if you have never used antibiotics.

    • Photo: Marikka Beecroft

      Marikka Beecroft answered on 19 Nov 2014:

      Make sure if you are prescribed antibiotics you take all of them even if you feel better. Only get antibiotics if you really need them and make sure you educate yourself about bacterial resistance. It’s better to understand how bacteria get resistant as well so you can explain to others and raise awareness about antibiotic resistance.