Thank you from your winner, Matt

mattbilton-wHi folks! Just want to say a huge, massive thank you to ALL of you who took part in this year’s I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here. The questions we got in the antibiotics zone were excellent. There were lots about antibiotic resistance, Ebola, whether there will ever be a cure for HIV and what’s most likely to kill everyone on the planet. All pretty interesting. I especially liked the ones about immune system and TB (I could answer those!).

I hope the answers we gave were helpful. If not – and after all of the questions answered – any of you STILL think that we scientists are all geniuses, well I hope I managed to persuade you otherwise ;).

It’s really important to thank my fellow scientists – Sally, Marikka, Ceri and fellow finalist Rob – they were all fantastic and I hope they enjoyed the competition as much as I did. It was so hard to keep up with them throughout the week as they worked tirelessly to get their answers in. Even when I struggled to keep pace with all the questions, it was reassuring to see the others had it totally covered.

And whilst we’re at it – to those running the show from the ‘I’m a Scientist’ HQ – the event was brilliant so thanks to you too!

At school as you get older you’ve got to decide what to study, and even what job you might like to do. When I decided to take part in I’m a Scientist, I wanted to explain why I think studying and then researching science is worth it. Whenever we have a question about how the world (or the body, or immune system!) works – and no one has the answer – science gives us tools to try and find out. As scientists, we get to ask questions about the unknown every day. And we get to use lasers, microscopes and deadly bugs to try and figure them out! I love that.

By taking part in I’m a Scientist, hopefully you got a feel for what it’s like to be a scientist, how much we already know about diseases and the pathogens that cause them, and some of the challenges that lie ahead – especially with regards to drug resistant bacteria! And most importantly, that you don’t need to be a genius to be a scientist – just curious. And if you’re still reading and it all sounds appealing to you too, well, keep asking those questions!


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